Spill protection device.

Started by gstours, May 02, 2022, 04:53:26 AM

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As an amateur tyer wrapping thread there's generally a coating to be added to seal the colors and or lock the threads from unraveling.    It's been a long time coming but I found a solution for the accident that happens to almost everybody,   Tipping over a bottle of fingernail polish or other small bottles can change the mood quickly.
  It's oh #### time.  :al 
Below is a pair of devices that fit the most common bottles I generally use.  These are made of Moldmax 60 silicone using a cardboard form,   Leftovers from jig molding a little while back.   The bottles slip in and out easily yet are held snug enuff for a one hand operation.  Haven't tipped a bottle over since.    See what you think? :ct


Wet & Wild sounds sexy.   :d   Dominick
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Reminds me of the ol tripodish coffee mugs for your vehicle dash, 9/10 for utility!
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