Symetre 4000RG Tips & Schematic

Started by nelz, February 24, 2022, 10:08:51 PM

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Quote from: philaroman on March 09, 2022, 11:23:57 PM"same impact could have damaged both, spool & shaft roll your shaft on sheet of glass to check AND REALLY CHECK THE CROSSBAR!!!"
spools have 6 engagement slots for crossbar = 3 possible ways to install if same malfunction w/ all 3 install options -- crossbar may be shot
"also found pre-ARB Stradic FB?  FD?  ...of this ilk: yours is Symetre 2000FB -- correct?"

Ok... so, this spool has only a single cross-cut (2 slots) for the crossbar so there's only two ways to attach it. (btw, 6 slots gives you 6 possible install options) It wobbles a bit one way, but not the other, after I messed with it. I dunno, could be spool and/or shaft. Not up to doing exploratory surgery on it any time soon since I have better reels to fish with.

I did work on the drag a bit, cleaned and added Cal's, it's better now, not great, but very easy to work on (considering it's a rear drag). The reel's very smooth gear-wise.

Yes, I do also have a 2000FB, and even though the gears are pretty rough, it's still a very nice little reel - and all I have in that size. I'm actually using the handle from the 4000 on it cause I hate that double paddle! What condition is your 2000 in?