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Started by gstours, April 23, 2022, 02:17:26 PM

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With some things a person kinda forgets how to do what was so "easy before".  Such is the Knot.
  Here,s a couple of short clips that might be better than the printed page of a book? 
These are the easiest tutorials ive seen yet.   Take your pick.     :fish
   On the bankside ive used the Surgeons loop almost always as its for me easier to tie when cold fingers, poor visibility, or time is in essence,  butt now maybe this will help others as well?


Fastest tying loop knot ever!  Not the strongest loop knot, but that can come in handy if you want a specific weak link in your system. I use the perfection to tie on the fly sometimes to increase the odds that any breakoff will happen right at the hook.

I would not use a perfection for the purpose in the first video.  The tag sticks out at 90 degrees, so it will get stuck in the guides, sometimes bad enough to loosen or even pull apart the rod sections at the ferrule.   For tying on the fly, the tag can catch weeds.  So you gotta be willing to live with the funky tag, or be willing to trim it scary-short.



Yes, While I agree with what was said of the tag end stikking out 90 degrees this is not maybe the best use of the knot, to loop to loop a tippit.   The Perfection loop is useful for the other end of the tippit to make a loop for the hook.  Am I wrong in saying that the loop can be adjusted some for size before cinching it down with a hand strain?  That said there,s another knot that has several names that is vid below.
  Its pretty easy to tie in waders or in your kayak.  Seems like its the easiest of the three ive recently shown to add the hook to the knot in the tying process.   Maybe i,m all wet. :fish


I use them when deep dropping multiple hooks in 300 plus feet of water.

The fish doesn't care either. We use non offset circle hooks that the fish swallow for them to work

Not thru the rod guide. After the line exits the rod using a swivel

The weight varies from 3 to 5 lbs


It's used in mono only
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That new knot is the nonslip loop, AKA the Kreh loop. It is my main loop knot, and the one I nearly always use to tie on just about any saltwater fly, or when I need a loop for a lure or live bait hook.  We talked about this knot in other threads.

The number of wraps required varies depending on line diameter and stiffness, more for lighter or limper line.  Anywhere from two to six wraps. Two many wraps, and the knot is hard to lock.  But three wraps is usually close enough, if you are not trying to get the absolute max breaking strength.

When I tie  a perfection loop and a nonslip loop on the ends of a chunk of line and pull on both, the perfection always breaks first. YMMV.

The other thing about the perfection loop that I don't like is that you can't use the speed method to tie it through an eye.  You have to undo the knot part ways to thread it, or learn the alternate way to tie it.  Blech.

 Now where did I leave my keys?  :)


Saw this used a lot when I was in Mexico years ago. I made up a little aide memoire to help me tie it:

Round the back
Round the front
Between the two, and
Pull loop though



i use the perfection loop all the time.  i use it when i WANT the line to break at that particular spot. 
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Quote from: alantani on October 01, 2022, 05:44:35 PMi use the perfection loop all the time.  i use it when i WANT the line to break at that particular spot. 

And undervalued property  of knots.  Very important to me when the leader is tied to a $120 fly line.  But also nice so that I am not less likely to litter the ocean floor with a section of braid, or having some fish drag around a bunch of line after a break off.