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Started by gt2003, May 03, 2022, 01:04:49 AM

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I bought a lot of 3 reels to breakdown and service just as a learning experience.  They are all 3 'knucklebusters'.  One is a Penn 80, one is a shakespeare 1905 Deuce with box and the final one is this older version of the Ocean City Brigantine.  The reel overall wasn't in horrible shape for 80ish years old.  It did have some old, dried grease and was pretty hard to turn.  The Bakelite was pretty oxidized and it was missing a few sideplate screws.  THANK YOU FRED OAKES for sending me the
Screws so i could get this first project wrapped up. 

Here are some pics.  I used CLR cleaner to remove the surface rust and the oxidized metal from the screws.  I used plain gasoline to remove all the old yucky grease and metal cleaner to shine everything up.  Then i reassembled with a little Penn reel grease. 


Please don't use gasoline!!

My brother is scared for life from using it. The flash point is so high anything can light it off

Use mineral spirits
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Thats a great idea as well.  I've got some of that too.

Here's a few more pucs of the finished reel.


Good job on the clean up !
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