Pier Fishing Flagler Beach

Started by jgp12000, March 26, 2022, 11:24:22 AM

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Years ago I was at the Flagler Beach pier eating seafood , after we ate we walked to the end of the pier and these
3 guys were fishing as a team it appeared one would cast out a bait and another would cast out catch his line and drag it to a certain "honey hole" I suppose. They were so busy and working in unison, I wasn't about to stop and ask about this technique.  I didn't see any kites involved, but with all their efforts I figured there must be a great reward at the end of the line? Has anyone else done or seen this?


I think you're referring to a pin rig. One line is an anchor. The other is the fighting line clipped to the anchor line. It releases on a strike.
Common technique for fishing live bait on the surface from a pier

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