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Howdy folks!

Started by Redhed, May 05, 2022, 01:39:45 AM

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Hi guys, just a note to introduce myself. I'm a relatively new angler but a relatively old dude. I'm 62 this year and recently retired. Moved from the Seattle area to central Texas to be near my wife's parents. I used to fish with my dad - dropped my pole in the stream, set a hook in his thumb, and fished for brook trout while hiking in the mountains, but I got away from it for a long time - fast cars and fast women, you know. Now that I'm settled I've discovered fishing again, but the new equipment doesn't do much for me. I have a few of my dad's old rods and reels, so I cleaned them up. I bought a few vintage reels to work on and for some reason I got bit by the Heddon reel bug and that's how I found this place. So now I've got more 60's to 70's Heddon reels than I could ever use but they've provided me with hours of fun. So my plan is to fish with vintage stuff from that era, because it reminds me of my dad. Besides, the Heddon forum needs a jump start!

Wompus Cat

Welcome from a Fellow Texan!
Post some pix of them ol Heddon's when ya can .
I got a few myself.
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Welcome aboard, RH!

Best, Fred
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Gobi King

Welcome west Fichigan!
Shibs - aka The Gobi King


Hi, my name is Lee and I have a fishing gear problem.

I have all of the answers, yup, no, maybe.

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Midway Tommy

Welcome! What type Heddons are you into?
Love those open face spinning reels! (Especially ABU & ABU/Zebco Cardinals)

Tommy D (ORCA), NE

Favorite Activity? ............... In our boat fishing



Welcome from the SoCal Inland Empire!  You have gear, you have a plan, and there are plenty of folks here that are looking forward to seeing your success! - john



Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. For those that asked, I posted some quick photos of most of my Heddon reels in the Heddon forum. I'll be going back and posting better shots later on. 

Bill B

Gary good to have you here.  You're gonna fit right in!  Bill, SoCal Mountains
It may not be very productive,
but it's sure going to be interesting!


Welcome to the club, sir.
Alan has created a safe and happy place for us to learn and chat.
There are some really solid dudes around here.
Enjoy your stay,


There's nothing wrong with a few "F's" on your record....Food, Fun, Flowers, Fishing, Friends, and name just a few !


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