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Started by Breadfan, May 13, 2022, 01:14:22 PM

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Well, I picked up a Penn 85 the other day for next to nothing and one thing is now leading to another. Funny, I've never owned the older style Penn reels. I always thought they were for boats or dropping off a pier. The little 85 has me thinking and it has led me to the SurfMasters and the BeachMasters. I will be fishing from the beach so what one do I get... I don't know the difference between the two. I'd rather have bearings over bushings but it's not that important, polishing does wonders for bushings, as we all know. Line capacity needs to be minimal, I don't need over 300 yards of 17lb mono, which is what I use so aftermarket aluminum spools would be good if they make them. I'd like to get a nice Tiburon frame. I've been eye balling the Beachmaster 155 Narrow spools and that looks like a good option. I can take my time on this and in the end, I'd like it to be as new and shiny as possible. But in the end, it will be fished!


How about a Jigmaster? Either a stock 501 or a 500 narrowed down. Better drag and it's 4/1 gears. Some nice frames and other after-market goodies available too.


Jigmaster has my vote too! 
Narrow or extra narrow frame.
They have bushings so no worries about he sand, and the tool-less side plate removal in case you drop it in the sand or submerge it an need to blow it out real quick.
And, as Nelz said, tons of aftermarket support to trick it out.
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What model is the extra narrow frame? And thanks so far!


What about the 506HS? It has bearings and a 5:1. I like that. Bearings on the beach are not an issue for me. All of my beach reels have them and I don't think I've ever dropped a reel in the sand. Not a big deal if I did, it will just need a good cleaning.


Narrow would be the 501 Jigmaster. Extra-narrow would be the Tiburon frame/spool product with the original stock, and/or upgrade parts attached.

The difference between the Beachmaster and the Surfmaster is mainly the Quick-release head-plate on the Surfmaster, making it very easy to rinse out if you get sand in there. If you's to buy an older used Surfmaster, try'n make sure the head-plate releases relatively easily as the Bakelite can swell and cause friction problems.

Don't fish the surf with conventionals, but the gear ratio on the Surfies and B.M.'s is only 3:1. The 4:1 on a Jiggy along with all the upgrades available(including Ball bearings and possibly 5:1 gears) would be the way I'd go...
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Ok! Didn't even think a that'n; the 506. Will be a little pricey and maybe a little more difficult to find. Comes with an aluminum spool-stock, too. Same thing, best to make sure you can get the head-plate off without having to use a tool...
Fishing tackle is an art form and all fish caught on the right tackle are"Gfish"!


Can you get aftermarket frames for the 506HS?


Quote from: Breadfan on May 13, 2022, 03:43:58 PMCan you get aftermarket frames for the 506HS?

They use the same frames as the regular Jigmasters.


Put carbontex in a 506HS and fish it. Cast nicely but also a candidate for static mag. It already has stock flat bars vs. posts that a Surfmaster or Beastmater would have. Frame is same as std jiggy. Black Pearl makes narrow spools for jiggys (501 size), narrow Masters (fits 180 and 100) and Squidder Jr. (146 size). ONLY stock HS jiggy spools fit the HS series; std jiggy spools have a different shaft though spool body itself is the same.

Baymaster: 180, same width as Surfmaster 100 but smaller gear train. Was made with plastic, aluminum and chromed spools.

Surfmaster: 100/150/200 widths: take-apart plate and often have chromed innards. The 100 is a sweet reel- don't necessarily need full frame; Black Pearl has cross bars that are sweet. Surfmaster is essentially Squidder with bushings, many parts are interchangeable. I like all three.

Beachmaster: 155, 160 (165 has no AR). Smaller gears, no take apart feature but made with Al, chrome, and plastic spools as well during their run.

Squidder: A legend for 80 years. Still on the slow side, but Cortez has both Classic kits (146 only) and plates (Tib frame width as you please) if you want full pimpage. I'm trying to work up the guts to knobby mag a CC Classic.

Any of the above will sling, let alone Squidders. They were made for the surf specifically. You'll actually have to slow them down most likely...I know you just downsized but a static magged 150 with a set of Newell bars is chunker, and plenty of drag for most things you fish for (just kind of slow at 3.3:1)...I've built a few, just need to mag when I have time.

A magged 99 width Jiggy with Newell kit and SS gears is almost a poor man's 980...but will cost about the same if not more, lol.



John summed it up like nobody's business. Here's some pictures, 1)stock Jigmasters, HS on top & regular Jiggys on bottom.
2) odd sizes; top—-an 808 extra wide, left-bottom—-an extra narrow, right-bottom—-a 99 size(between a 500 and a 501 size). All these are modified with after market parts.
I like the 506 'cause it has the extra ring on the tail-plate for strength. Note that the purple XN has stock plates, also with that extra ring(the tail-plate came from a 506).
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Oh man.....extra narrow....never knew they existed. I see something in my future!!!


2nd picture credit details: the ex-wide 808; Tiburon frame from Randy, Vintage Offshore Tackle, Old Accurate aftermarket side-plates(eBay) and a Maxed Out handle from Maxed-Out Ted.
The XN-purple Jiggy(now in Wayne-El Pescador's possession); has stock side-plates/handle(eBay)and a Tiburon frame and spool from Randy.
The 99 width Jigmaster; is a kit from Cortez Classic(Tom). The handle and knob on this one is from Black Pearl(Allen C.) as is the knob on the 808.
Fishing tackle is an art form and all fish caught on the right tackle are"Gfish"!


Thanks for all of the responses guys! I really like the 506 and that purple XN is like something I'd want to build, or the HS. Choices. Time to go reel hunting.

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Quote from: Gfish on May 15, 2022, 07:15:00 PMThe XN-purple Jiggy(now in Wayne-El Pescador's possession); has stock side-plates/handle(eBay)and a Tiburon frame and spool from Randy.

Gfish is a Truth Speaker!!!  OUT OF THE BLUE, he sent me his Penn 506HS reel that he added a Tiburon Purple Frame and a great speed knob on it.

I brought it on a recent trip to rural Baja Mexico, and it WAS THE BEST REEL for deep dropp'n and SPEED GRIND'N back to the surface!!!!

So popular, the guide, Felipe, grabbed it, and USED IT FOR THE ENTIRE DAY (he is on the bow wearing a yellow shirt), and I was using stuck with a Penn 113HN Baja Special for the day!!!! :-\

Pick up a few Penn 506HS reels, you won't be dissatisfied!!!!

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