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Started by Brewcrafter, May 31, 2022, 01:54:34 AM

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something that I do not do often enough - today was some Yellowtail!
Yellowtail with Cherry Wood..jpg
I have a variety of smokers (including a couple of vintage Luhr Jensen Little Chiefs) but I always feel comfortable with my old Weber - was a housewarming present from my parents when I bought my first house - over 30 years ago - and still going strong.
Yellowtail getting some color.jpg
Getting some color, and lately I have been using a LOT of cherry wood (maybe has something to do with getting a deal on a 25# bag)
Yellowtail Done.jpg
I feel somewhat bad - not doing a "plated" photo but to be honest, family has descended upon it like sharks at Guadalupe....
- john


Looks tasty.

Is it hot smoked?  How long/how hot?


Hot smoked, indirect.  Temp taken at the vents (near the top of the dome) I try to keep in the 300-350F range.  Was opened to rebaste with marinade (and recharge the wood pellets) at 15 minutes.  Total time was right about 40 minutes.  Nice, moist and tender.  - john


Looks very nice, I should do that again. :D

I normally smoke Bonita as they usually have more fat.

Hardy Boy

looks tasty. I'll send you some salmon !!!



Squidder Bidder

Good job! I would want to try this with some of our oilier, less less desirable as table-fare fishes like bluefish.

Ever think about putting a pan of water under the fish on the indirect side of the grate? It's supposed to moderate the heat so you can more gently hot smoke the fish.


The Baja Guy