Is this a good idea.?

Started by gstours, June 20, 2022, 01:44:08 AM

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In a hurry I tried to help a friend in making a store bought jig better...
  Bobbing the cast in j hook,  heating and bending and eye,  was fairly easy.
Adding a trailer hook 🪝 was wanted.   So.   What is your opinion in how to attach the stinger behind the main hook?


Hey Gary,

I prefer to lash two ends of a loop of cord or wire to the shank of the front hook.  Then just loop in the trailer, preferably with an upturned octo hook so that it sticks out straight.  This way you can fish trailer-free when desired, replace or resize the trailer, and select a stiff enough cord to prevent fouling(which the doubled line loop helps with).  I only do this on flies, but have tested to 60 lbs with just some whipping and epoxy to hold the loop to the shank.  No problemo.

For a bit of extra strength you can run the trailer loop ends through the eye of the front hook and tie or just lash in with some whipping and epoxy. 

Anything that prevents the main hook from sinking in all the way to the bend greatly increase the leverage for straightening out the main hook.  so the tie to the bend does increase this risk.

Not a huge fan of of free swinging main hooks on leadheads, but understand that sometimes it is difficult to rig a fixed hook.

And an upturned main hook will snag less, but I know that you know this.  So there must be a reason...?



One problem with a stinger hook is that you are more likely to gut hook fish. That's probably not a problem with halibut if you plan to keep them all. But for rockfish in SE Alaska, I can see problems...
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Ok,got it,  my rock fish are skulpy.  Irish lords, in Juneau tourist bar talk.🎣
  Leave a loop behind the forward hook and then put the silicone twin tail on, maybe reach up with a wire and then pull the loop back and attach the stinger to it?
  I'm not a big fan of this lead head jig,  any modifications would most likely be an improvement.   Thanks 😊


Why not just a long assist cord off whatever you're attaching the main hook to?

Out of interest, mostly.... these are typically fished baited, from a rod holder, from an anchored boat?


Quote from: boon on June 25, 2022, 07:24:26 AMWhy not just a long assist cord off whatever you're attaching the main hook to?

Out of interest, mostly.... these are typically fished baited, from a rod holder, from an anchored boat?

It depends on the design, but in general, if the hook through the soft plastic is fixed to the leadhead, the tail kicks more.  If the whole soft plastic body can swing with the hook,  it moves more like a chunk of detritus in the current.  I tried building some leadheads with free swinging hooks for swimbaits, but gave up for this reason.  I still use free swinging  hooks with  skirts that are attached to the leadheads, but they are not universally popular with the test pilots.  I find that assis hooks on leadheads shake free from snags  most times for me, but only if  you stay on top of the situation. 

Assist style hooks on these kind of jigs work well for hooking fish, but they are kind of snaggy.  Soft bottom situations might be OK.



not just "outside the box", but off the table that the box sits on  ::)
no knowledge or experience...  pure conjecture...  never got around to trying, 
but often wondered if the Knotless Knot could be modified for "interesting" tandem rigging
it's tied sorta' backwards -- you start w/ the tag end & go through the eye LAST,
so you can pre-set trailer length & have it just above the bend of a short-shank leading hook
give it a look & see if you can adapt it to your needs