My Albacore Killer

Started by Maxed Out, June 20, 2022, 09:04:18 PM

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Maxed Out

 I have been fishing albacore for over 30 years and have seen and used a lot of different reels and rods. Mostly all on charter boats with 10 clients. 1, 2, and 3 day trips. Back in the day most the boats used Penns, like long beach 65. Nowadays they all have small lever drag reels and strait 30# mono. Then one day a guy named Sal said I should check out a forum about reels and that's how I ended up here. I heard a lot about the penn 99 that was the go-to reel for the California albacore fleet, then also tons from watching Sal mess with the jigmasters. A few years back I built a 99 to take on my charter. I don't have a rod that matches the short limber sticks used on the boat, so the captain takes his reel off a rod and puts mine on. It's become a ritual, so I don't need to buy a rod. The Cortez 99 black beauty has been high stick every time since it's very first trip. One full day trip I railed 34 albacore(plugged at around 220). biggest was 32.75#.  I was taught how to fight albacore from a long time deckhand/captain from California. There is a method to the madness specific to albacore.

 Anyhow, here is my 99 harem. I only use the black beauty, and it has easily caught over 150 albacore and still like new, smooth as silk, and will outfish any avet or accurtate lever drag. Ask me how I know. This Cortez Conversions black beauty has stock 4/1 gears, ht-100 drags, with Delrin friction washer, dd bridge, steel sleeve,yoke,and jack, and a 3sevens star adjuster
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Oh boy you are getting me excited. I now live 4 miles from the launch ramp. Albacore come in close here every year too.

Care to disclose the deckies method?  I have NEVER caught an alby.  But I have a few reels I can use, lol.
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I wonder who made that nice handle
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Ted, Great reels!

This is my version: Pro gear factory bridge and gears (5:1), SS gear sleeve, PC knob and the best handle arm made!

Mine is set up for surface iron with 60 yds of 50lb mono over a bunch of 65lb braid, but there might be another one ready to set up with straight 30lb mono for albacore fishing. I've never caught an albacore...


My favorite kind of fishing, nothing like albacore when they want to chew. Fun to catch and delicious too
Beautiful reel Ted, the albacore special
Do what you can with that you have where you are

Bill B

Drool worthy for sure...reel and albacore.  Bill
It may not be very productive,
but it's sure going to be interesting!


Hi, my name is Lee and I have a fishing gear problem.
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These reels are stunning looking, my personal preference would be  rogan's "PACIFICA 2500"

I would be to scared of damage to actually fish these beauties!


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Squidder Bidder

Love the custom stands, can't wait until more are on the market.


Great setups! Guess I have a project I need to work on!

Hardy Boy

You think the pictures look good ...................... play with them in person !!



El Pescador


I highly recommend to all a day of Albacore fishing.  I've enjoyed ONE day of Ablie fishing, and MAN man, what a day it was.  Not as impressive as our buddy boy Ted, but I did manage to bring 8 hard-fighting long fin tuna over the rail.  Check it out.

As far as your Black Cortez Conversion 99, I'll take 2 in Purple and one in Black like you use!!!!! :o

What a beast of a reel, and compact for sure.

July 15 I retire, meaning there will be NO REASON not to venture to Washington State to spend a few days on the water with our own Ted-meister himself!!!!!

Great post Buddy!!

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Maxed Out

 Wayne !! 10 years have passed since your successful albacore trip. It's time for you to go again. The boat books up fast in January, but fear not, I have a slot for you on my end of August charter. Make sure to bring an extra large cooler. Big enough for 80-90 loins plus  salt ice. (My last trip I took home 84 loins)

 Congrats on retirement !!

 Edit: my custom seats were made for me by Tom at Cortez Conversions. He does have my blessing to make more, after he gets caught up on his backlog of projects. If any of you guys are interested, I still have a couple 99 width seats and 500 width custom seats hidden away. (At pre-pandemic price)
We Must Never Forget Our Veterans....God Bless Them All !!