Penn 112 replace side plate

Started by RadarRick, June 21, 2022, 07:30:56 PM

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Beginner here:)  I have a Senator 112 with a blown out right side plate.  It appears that previous owner over-tightened the right side bearing.  The bearing and part of the surrounding plate are gone.  I'd appreciate knowing what to look for to find a donor reel. 
There are no part numbers anywhere and it has external access to drags. From what I've read elsewhere in this forum, this is probably 1946 - 1951 era. 
Another curiosity - the free spool lever screw is a slot-head (not a hex head). Would that have been original?
Any help would be appreciated.  I can add a photo later - wife borrowed my phone.

Squidder Bidder

Just a guess but is it possible that the reel fell onto the bearing, breaking the side plate? I think it would be difficult to break the side plate by tightening the bearing.

Mystic has the specs (and possibly the side plates) and would note design changes:

If you can't find the plate you need at mystic, there a couple of vendors on ebay which sell used side plates.


Welcome RR.
So, it's a black side-plate 112 with outside access drags?

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welcome!  canadian?  if so, check with hardy boy.
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I might have one; will check.


Hardy Boy

I don't have one. Never see 112's here. 113H and 114H yes.




Thanks for the replies! 

SB You may be correct on what happened. I haven't opened it up yet but maybe there will be more clues inside.

I'd like to keep the reel as period correct as possible, so doubt if Mystic Parts would have the original plates. I'll check. 

GFish - Yes, that's it - black, external drag access 112 (3/0).



I haven't seen other Senators that have the round clicker screw. Could this be original to the reel?

Thanks for your info, HB

Bill B

That's going to be a tough find.  eBay may be your best chance.  Bill
It may not be very productive,
but it's sure going to be interesting!


rick, if i find one, where am i shipping to?
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Vancouver, BC Canada
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I can PM address.

Thanks for looking!