VISX update, 5/26/22

Started by alantani, May 27, 2022, 02:37:53 AM

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OK, this is getting really tedious. Here is a rundown on the visx fixes, AND problems, by model.  :cf

50 visx - cutting the cam to 4 degrees has worked for a dozen reels. One had a problem losing freespool at 50 pounds at full. I added a 0.032 belleville to go from "()" to "())" and it worked.

30 visx - still a 4 degree cut to the cam, but lost freespool because of the thin bellevilles. Adding 0.032" thick bellevilles from the 20/50 visx fixed that problem.

20 visx- cut the cam to 4 degrees and you're good. No other problems so far

16 visx - another 4 degree cam fixed every,  except for Mikey's reel. His lost freespool too easily.  Mike, send it back to me. Adding a belleville should fix the problem.

12 visx - cut the cam to 4 degrees and call it done. 

All of this has taken up way too much time.  >:(
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David Hall

got to do something with my 50VISW the curve is intolerable as it is.  wondering if it is the same part #?   :d


The part #s are not the same, 50VISW is 19-50VIS (SKU # 019-1361387), 50 VISX is 19-50VISX (SKU # 019-1389501)  They might be "fixable".
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the entire reel has to come apart.  i'll need an afternoon with it. 
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David Hall

thanks for that info Lee.  I ordered a couple cams from Penn and have them lying around my garage somewhere.