VISW silver 50W - frame corroding

Started by roadrunner, July 05, 2022, 06:50:40 PM

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Servicing a reel for another person and found an issue. 
Wondering if others are seeing this pitting and their was of preventing it.

Four stainless steel screws =
24SS Screw- Stand (4 req) 1239042 024S525MAG2

They hold the "stand" ( 30 Stand 1361406 030 050VIS ) to the frame.

Appears the stainless screws  caused the aluminum frame ( dissimilar metals ) to start pitting in the area where the threads are tapped that hold the four screws in.  Lost some of the threads including the starting part of thread and screws are not going back in easy.  Have not cross threaded them yet though.

Any help would be appreciated and to see if this pitting ( any part of the aluminum body of new Penn's )is more common than I think.

thanks guys


My fix would be to first of all soak the frame in vinegar for 24 hours.  This will stop the corrosion process.  Otherwise, it will continue after the reel is reassembled.

Soak in fresh water.

Let it dry out completely.

If the screws are loose or not threading properly, get new screws just SLIGHTLY larger by a hair —- re-tap to the proper thread pitch and size.

Liberally grease the screws upon installation with Penn grease, Yamaha, or Cal's —- all salt water resistant.  Also grease between the stand and the frame.  While you are at it, make sure that you grease between and sideplate assemblies, frame, and screws.

Use SS screws again.

Best, Fred
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Seen this on all sorts of alloy-framed reels with stainless stand bolts. It's a combination of the dissimilar metals, plus an area that is both hard to wash and does a decent job of trapping salt water.

Grease and careful washing has kept it in check with my reels once I became aware of it.