Shimano TLD30-2spd handle needed

Started by Whit, June 27, 2022, 02:20:33 AM

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After a humiliating skunk of four of us on a 3-dayer on the Red Rooster 3 this last week (we weren't alone 30 anglers caught a total of only 4 bluefin, of which three were snagged on jigs, and this among multiple square miles of foaming schools who had lockjaw for anything but the tiny baitfish they were feeding on), I am now in search of a handle for a TLD30-2 speed.

The plastic knob shattered in my son's hand, probably after slapping a few too many times in its rod holder against the side of the cabin on the boat in the rolling seas. 

The reel is a loaner so I'm not looking for anything fancy.

Any help appreciated!




i have an original.  send a pm with your mailing address and i'll mail it out to you. 
send me an email at for questions!