Creek Pond

Started by jgp12000, June 27, 2022, 04:29:54 PM

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A few years ago I was having some mini-x work done cutting a path behind the house to our creek. I asked the guy to dig out the creek a bit deeper and wider. I have been moving small bream over from the pond from time to time, last week I stocked 100 more Coppernose Bream in the big pond and kept out 2 males and 3 females for the creek pond,I am curious how big they will get. I feed them daily by hand, we have an automatic feeder in the big pond that goes off twice a day with Aquamax feed. It's hard to tell in the pics but the creek pond is clear and water stays cool  year round.This morning I saw a cotton mouth and I found 2 dead carp in the big pond, then saw gator may have been the culprit?


1) panfish in tiny streams, generally plateau & never even come close to max size potential 

2) if gator wasn't too hungry, it may have killed the carp & stashed them to "ripen"...  easier to swallow