New at ICAST 2022: PENN Authority spinning reel

Started by Tunanorth, July 16, 2022, 07:18:27 PM

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Nice reel, alot of great features. I don't get how adding a bearing to the pinion does what he claims though.


Congrats to the PENN reel development team [incluidng Ben in the video].
The Authority spinning reel just won "Best New Saltwater Reel" at the ICAST Show!


Hi gents! I saw some pics of the Fathom; nice! Will they come in a DCS model?



Quote from: nelz on July 17, 2022, 04:58:27 AMNice reel, alot of great features. I don't get how adding a bearing to the pinion does what he claims though.

Probably means that the pinion is relatively long and they  decided to put a bearing at the end to support it, rather than using the inside hole of the pinion itself as a  plain bearing that might be more subject to binding a bit. Hard to tell for sure without seeing inside.

This is explained in the (IMHO) somewhat inaccurate description of the gear mechanism load transfer. I think a better description is that the drive (main) gear tooth pushes downward (and maybe some twisting) on the driven (pinion) tooth as part of the transfer of rotary motion, and supporting the driven gear to better resist this force allows for better alignment and therefore greater load transfer without gear damage (or perhaps or more concise version of the above :) ).  The explanation in the video seemed to me to suggest that the gears were repelling each other axis to axis, which I think is not quite as accurate, and makes it hard to understand what supporting the pinion better would accomplish.  Or at least this is what I think he was trying to explain. 

Which leads to an observation regarding  advertising in tackle industry.  Since the pitch nowadays seems to be predominantly technology centered, there is an advantage in greater technical accuracy in advertising content.  It seems to me that fishing tackle marketing still hasn't caught up on how to use the internet for the greatest advantage.  And part of the game is rolled up in the increased value of the educational aspect of the message.

I saw several other statements in the video where the technology descriptions  seemed to be a bit off, but the point of this post is not to  bash anybody in particular, and since I am not a subject matter expert on these topics myself, my corrections could end up being a bit off as well.