Three Kings legend 'Enchanter' sunk with 10 aboard - five rescued

Started by redsetta, March 21, 2022, 07:18:59 PM

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Hi all,
Just thought I'd let you know that the most storied boat of the Three Kings, Enchanter, was sunk on Sunday night (NZ time) with 10 aboard.
Five were rescued from what remained of the hull, but five were lost.
Skipper Lance and deckie Kobe were among the survivors.
Four bodies have been recovered thus far.
It's a huge shock to the whole NZ fishing community - and the nation in general.
Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of those lost.
I've had a lot of good times on that boat and trusted it in any seas.
Was only just out there a couple of months ago.
No one would ever think the 'trip of a lifetime' could end this way.
Sorry for sharing such somber news.
Best wishes, Justin
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Tough news, Justin —-

Thanks for sharing.

Seas & weather were forecast as very questionable on their last day out.

Shows the importance of having one's own safety gear —- ready and in good order —- even on a one day ride. 

PFD, PLB, tough flashlight with full batteries, flare kit, strobe light.

Prayers for everyone involved and their families.

Best, Fred
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Very sad news. That it happened to a very capable boat with an extremely experienced skipper serves as a bit of reminder to us all that it's a big old ocean and we're very small by comparison.


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Only just seen this, but that is a tragic event for all the families.

Thoughts out to all.


Friend of mine was on that boat twice, with both his sons!

Very sad and reminder how careful we need to be on the ocean.


Wow, I must have missed this...
Went on that boat 2-3 times when I lived in NZ...  shocking news, terrible.
Condolences to all the families....



Justin, thanks for the report.  My condolences.  Yes, be prepared.  Dominick
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Fished on this boat and Lances other boat Pacific Avenger. This vessel was as safe as they come. Blown away.