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Started by Shellbelly, July 21, 2022, 11:17:21 PM

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I got this on the bay and it arrived today.  Once disassembled, I noticed there are no part numbers so, I'm happy about that.  My questions are concerning the spool and eccentric screw. 

Are these correct for the apparent age of the rest of the reel?  I believe the screw is incorrect and the spool may be a later replacement.

My best guess for the rest of the reel is its a pre-1951 model.  Hard for me to narrow that down from the catalog info.

Your expertise and knowledge is always appreciated!! 

Bill B

Looking at Mike Cacioppo's Penn Reel Collector's Companion and Price Guide, the 112 was introduced in 1942 and had a hex head eccentric screw.  A review of his Documentary History of Penn Reels has catalogs up to 1957 and shows a mishmash of slotted screws and hex head screws.  So depending on age it could either have a slotted screw or hex head screw.  Hard to tell from the picture but is that an Allen head screw?    The 3 piece spool would be correct for early Penn 112's.  Hope this helps.  Bill
It may not be very productive,
but it's sure going to be interesting!

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Me tinks the Allen head looking screw you (we Think we see )is the end bearing for the handle side .
The eccentric screw is laying on the Side Plate .
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I may and most likley do got this arse backwards but I think the Earlier penns had a spring for the A/R and the later have slips of metal .

And Nice Tear Down by the way .
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Thanks!!  It was completely dry and had no residue inside.  Even the gears were clean.  Made my job easy!  That's a first for me and I've done a few old reels.

From what I've seen, the older Senators have the flat metal dog spring.  But...I don't own any "new" ones to compare.

It's my first 1/0 Senator.  Almost got 'em all...just lack 14 and 16/0. Folks selling those are proud of those reels.


Hi Shellbelly,
Your reel is a nice example of a 1947 -1949 1/0.
They were introduced in 1942 - these  have the coin edged counterweight. Yours has the 'triple stack' counterweight, as used by Penn from 1947 onwards.
Pre 1950 reels all seem to have used an anti reverse leaf, the spring was introduced in 1950.
Hope this helps.


Your spool is a 3 piece and correct for the circa of the 110, Penn went to 1 piece in 54
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You guys are Tony the Tiger would say.  And, "LEAF" spring.  Thanks for that term!  Never occurred to me to make the automotive comparison. (Slap forehead now).

Thank you!!!! 


Here's my 110, no part numbers with the slotted bolt head for the eccentric. I have 3 111's all numbered, one slotted 2 hex-head bolts.  My guess the Hex came after 1950 when the numbers appeared for the small Senators.  Penn wasted nothing so there are frequently overlaps of old parts on newer  reels.  I have a Squidder that has both, with and without numbered parts, which I would guess makes it an early changeover reel.
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Agreed and thank you!. As I've looked at more examples of 110's with the hex screw, it is stamped 22-99.  The slotted screw in question was widely used across many models.

Apologies to all if this seems tedious, but I'm trying to make sure my toys are accurate examples.


Never tedious. Without these discussions, the history gets LOST.....


There has been discussion elsewhere on this site about the two different eccentric screws - from memory the general agreement was that there is no logic to what Penn used - hex head screws one day, slotted screws the next!!
I have 6 non numbered pre 1950  Senator 1/0's - my 1942 NIB 1/0 has the hex head, my 1946 NIB 1/0 has the screw. the other later reels are a mixture - so IMHO your reel is correct as is.


Yes.  These little details can raise questions.  Many of these types of anomalies could have been replacements.  Slotted screws get abused and replaced years later.

I just finished an 85 that had a lock washer with the eccentric screw....not shown or indicated in the catalogs I have.  I think I've run into that before, but can't remember what reel it was.