Silver Daiwa Saltists

Started by CI_Seawolf, July 24, 2022, 12:42:52 AM

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Hello, going through my tackle and have found some Daiwa Saltists, the silver ones.  I am going on a 10 day next year and am thinking a few might be good to set up for wahoo etc.  I have a 20t, 30H, 40H, 50t, and a 50H.   Would these be good candidates still for long range fishing?


First, any pics you can post of the "family?"

Second, have you done the full maintenance and carbontex (if any have the old "paper" washers) upgrade?

Third, how do you intend to set them up, especially the 50H?

The AR and dog seem to be the Achilles heel. More nuggets of info for the AR bearing:

If the AR's 15lb threshold is the limit of the 50H, then 14lb is probably a reasonable "safe" setting; with a theoretical 2lbs max drag from the line on guides under load, 16lbs max drag total...a 50lb setup ceiling.


No pics forthcoming? Ok, guess the reels are camera shy, but if memory isn't failing me, Daiwa didn't silk screen the line ratings on the silver Saltist frames. The few Saltist pics on this site seem to bear that out, but I was hoping it was otherwise from images of your reels.

That being said, extrapolating from Alan's 350/65 on the 40, here're ballpark capacity guesses:
  • 20T: probably ~300/30 braid for 25lb max top shots
  • 30H: probably ~350/40 braid for 30lb max top shots
  • 40H: 350/65 braid (known); probably ~400/50 for 40lb max top shots
  • 50H: probably ~400/65 braid for 50lb max top shots
  • 50T: probably ~400/65 braid for 50lb max top shots




Hi, sorry for the delay.  The reels aren't available to me for a few weeks, but out of the box stock on the drags right now.


30, 40, and 50's appear to be same diameter reel but with wider spools as model numbers increase. All have the same drag stack, so gear ratio, width, and line capacity will be the deciding factors. The 30H may be able to do 300/65 braid main line but this may be on the short side with bigger wahoos. 400/65 would obviously offer a higher comfort level, but then would a 50 be too wide for your preferences?

50lb top shots to 44lb wire is a known wahoo fishing config, so wahoo is within the Saltists' performance envelope, albeit at the very top end. Perhaps a Shimano AR together with an exotic solution to strengthen the ambassador-styled dog's cast aluminum post might extend the envelope a little higher, but all the knowledge posted here point to only very limited gain given the fundamental shortcomings in Daiwa's design for the silver Saltists.


Good luck with whatever you decide.


A well maintained Saltist is smooth, strong & has great freespool, so they have their place. Good size drag washers in a 5+1 stack (I recall).

I had a 30TH and it was a yellowtail killer. have a 40 SuperTorque (4.9:1 retrieve) which I use for throwing surface iron (40 or 50# topshot).

For live baiting wahoo, a 30 or 40 Saltist with 30# topshot should work, as long as drag is in tip top shape. For bombs & jigs, conventional wisdom is 40-60# topshot on a taller narrower spool for fastest line pickup. Tight drag to keep fish coming to boat. Not sure if any of your models fit the bill - maybe the 40H. The weight/bulk of the 50T might wear you out.


Since the reels are the same(?) diameters, the handle sideplates have a probability of being interchangeable. If so, there would be a possibility that the 50T handle side will fit into the 30H and 40H frames meaning a possibility that the 50T pinion may mesh perfectly with the 30H/40H spools' gear. Only way to know is to open up, inspect, and try...

Speculating on this since there is a known interchangeablity with the Sealine 50H's 4.2:1 main gear/pinion and the Sealine 300H and 350's 3.7:1 main gear/pinion. Perhaps Daiwa did something similar (intentionally or unintentionally) with the Saltists...


I've had a Saltist STT40H since 2005 and for at least 10 years used it a lot.   I've had no serious problems with it, caught many Yellowtail on it and some Yellowfin from a boat.

Within the first week that I had it the Clutch lever broke and Daiwa replaced it with a Saltiga lever which is far superior.
Other then that I changed the drag washers to Carbotex, replaced many bearings,  some other wear and tear parts and the main gear and pinion after 10 years of service.

I stopped using it because it is very heavy at 783 grams and it "casts differently" to my other reels because I think the spool is quite heavy as well.

The service I had from the reel was good, bear in mind the parts I replaced were after many years of regular use.