Anyone Have Experience with rodgeeks blanks?

Started by Squidder Bidder, August 03, 2022, 01:34:48 AM

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Squidder Bidder

I'm thinking about getting into the game, and stumbled upon which sells St. Croix blanks as well as its own-make blanks in various colors, including tricolor red/white/blue which was more or less what I was looking for in a finish.

I was just wondering whether anyone here had experience with the roodgeeks brand of blanks and would give an opinion.



The worst I've heard about them is slow turnaround. And I heard it from them too, they warn you in advance. so it's not like they're hiding it. The blanks are basically made to order, then shipped over. And I guess that takes time.
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I built a 6-16 Heaver in Carolina blue. The painting is what might take a min, as the blanks are shipped to and painted in Mexico. My particular rod is for sure accurately rated, it will throw 6 n bait, but needs 8 to start loading well. Casting experts told me that it will easily handle 12 oz in the sweet spot, but they'd be in a bar drinking 12 oz rather than casting 12 oz over a bar. Both points I agree with. The rod fished well, maybe a bit heavy duty but that's what I ordered. Nothing yet to tax it, and the finish is nice.


I have an account with them and I have built a few surfrods, they turned out good. Their blanks are actually made in Mexico at their plant where they make the lesser quality SCII St. Croix blanks.That is also where they are painted and shipped out from. The biggest problem I had is when you get a two color blank, it looks very sloppy where the two colors meet. you would think they would "feather" one color over the other but they do not. It is ugly and I had to wrap a guide in that spot to cover it up. I don't order two colors any more.  Otherwise, they are really good blanks. I have the 11' SRF110MM2 in my arsenal and I fish it on a regular basis. Gotta fish what you sell. That rod was painted Pearl White and with the blue sea colored thread I used with no CP, it really pops in the sun. I received my blanks within 3 weeks from all of my orders, most about two weeks.