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Started by smazzola, August 05, 2022, 02:18:33 PM

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Any history, value, or general information on these two reels would be appreciated. Both reels a functioning like they should, my plan is to service them and go fish them for rock cod off the Oregon, Northern California coast in a couple of weeks. Have to put these old bad boys back into service.

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The Penn is a little Desireable with the Round Wood Handle Knob and the Checkered Click Button ,(not gonna send the Kids to College But a good Keeper )
Can't see the foot very well but it has the wide seat profile many were ground off to fit modern Poles, Plus IF it has the foot that will accommodate  a Rod Clamp ,Another Plus .
Lot's of Penn Heads Here that know a lot more than me on these  but I tink ya done Good .......

The Old FLOOOGER is a reel Knuckle Buster First Class and if you hang a biggun with heavy line on it be prepared to go swimming if you don't wanna lose the Reel cuz they AIN'T NO DRAG . That hunk of Leather and your Thumb is all ya got  and when the line spools out you are  yon yown ( didn't know my old man spoke Chinese till I left home at 17 and that's what he told me )  but a good old work horse for sure  and it has a Round Wooden Knob too..Both REELS Definately  are worth servicing and putting to work .There are
some Drag mods  for  the Handle to make somewhat of a useable drag. you can Buy for the Pflueger IF you can Find them 
Post some pics of your progress.
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There's nothing wrong with a few "F's" on your record....Food, Fun, Flowers, Fishing, Friends, and name just a few !


Both are nice reels .  The Pflueger will test your eye, right hand and left arm coordination .
  They will clean up well..
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That Long Beach needs to be restored and retired.  If you want to fish with a Long Beach, newer ones are still under 50 bucks and parts are readily available.  The Interocean is another story.  Probably would have to keep a couple of clunkers around in case something blows out.

Wouldn't be real hard to spruce 'em up.

You did good, Sir!


Anyone want to take a stab on year? After reading (The Chronological History of Penn) I'm guessing mid to late 1930s on the Penn. A look on the Internet, Pflueger might be the same. I will do a follow up post when I service them, I'm going to keep both reels with out much shine externally. I'm going to have to fish them enough to catch a fish or two.I will post that when that happens. Thanks


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 The waffle clicker button is pre 1939. There should be a yardage stamp under the seat. 250yds is a long beach60. 300yds is a 65. Your long beach is easily worth $75 as is
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 Ok, now I recognize that knob from the very first year of the 9/0. (1936). My educated guess is that's the year of your reel
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hi Smaz, thanks for this post very interesting, the Pflueger reel has 1885 on it, but that could be the year they applied for the patent rights, I think the green handle Acron had 1893 on it but they did not start making them till 1916, from the reserch I have completed on this forum, cheers Don.
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Thank you all for the input, I've learn a lot about the reels. Yes, the Penn Long Beach is a 300 yard reel, stamped on the bottom of the reel seat. Penn 65. Steve


The early Penn Long Beach 65, no part replacement needed, cleaned & oil/grease,  installed new THM 100 drag washers. Smooth results. The Pflueger cleaned and lube, also work very smooth. I'd like to catch some fish, then retire them to my Man Cave. I have no shortage of reels to fish with. Steve   PS:  Sorry for the repeat pictures not sure why it posted that way.