change Symetre 100 drag?

Started by smnaguwa, August 15, 2022, 01:39:41 AM

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I got a Symetre 100 at a garage sale and while servicing it, I found the drag is primarily a single greased fabric drag + 1 metal disc. Should I change the fabric to Carbontex. I have a 1mm sheet from Dawn and cutters. Thanks.


don't think there was ever a Symetre 100
guessing SY-1000F? front-drag w/ felt...  used, how?

can be fished as big(ish) UL at <2# drag -- then, I'd prefer oiled felt for better adjustability
(at lowest drag settings, felt lasts many years if well maintained)

alternately, I've pushed a 1000 w/ 20# braid WAY past ML, as small-water carp reel
NOT good for felt 2-stack!!!  ::) 

the heavier the intended use, the more I'd want greased CF for higher max & better longevity


Thanks for the reply. You are correct, it is a 1000. Will use it as an ultralight and keep the felt drag.