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Started by Maxed Out, August 17, 2022, 12:29:41 AM

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Quote from: Ron Jones on August 17, 2022, 05:59:14 PMI lied, I thought they had enacted the 25 a day limit, but I just checked and there is no daily limit and no minimum size.
It is truly unbelievable how many albacore are up here.
The Man

nice ! !

that sounds much better than 5 yt per day up here fo'sure, even if the 25 were the limit sounds excellent
thanks El Hombre
The Baja Guy

Hardy Boy

We have a 20 fish limit on albacore here. Never come close but we get some big ones. Washington or Oregon is the place for numbers thats for sure.


Maxed Out

Awesome Ted, question.

Albacore fishing doesnt have limit of fish per day?

 currently there is no limit,but every boat has its limitations on how much it can catch and safely cool and hold. Some boats use commercial salt ice and to properly cool each fish, the formula is around 5lbs of ice per fish. These fish are warm blooded and need to cool from 90° down to 50 in 2 hours and down to 40 in 3 hours to prevent bacteria growth that will make people sick when eaten. This is longstanding commercial standards. RSW is the other option(refrigerated saltwater hold).

 6pak boats in Westport are limited just because the amount of ice they carry. A standard good day would be 7to8 tuna per person and boat would be plugged. Most those boats are 28-32 length and those are day trips fishing about 4-5 hours. We fish from first light till last light and sleep on the boat 2 nights. The RSW hold allows it to hold 190-220 albacore. So that's our limit split 10 ways
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Thanks for the detailed explanation on caring for the catch Ted!  Just thinking about pulling on that many albies makes my arms hurt!  But since I am a SoCal Guy we all know that Albacore are just a mythical unicorn snipe fish that doesn't really exist (San Diego fishing joke there).
Anyhow, when the fish are going into the ice or the RSW are they gilled and gutted?  Bled?  I ask because on the TV show where they commercial catch it appears they bleed them all when they come on board, and that's it.  But I know that on the long range boats down here (admittedly, different species, but same basic challenge - cool them down and preserve the quality) the larger fish are usually gilled/gutted/flushed before going down into the RSW, but in the case of Yellowtail or Dorado they usually just get tossed into the kill box and then get tossed into the RSW when there is a break in the action.  Of course there is also the fact that on a long ranger it may be 6-18 days before that fish sees the processor - the fact that it is much faster in your fishery may play a part in that as well. 
I'm going to have to figure out a way to do one of those overnight trips up there. - john