Newer Shimano budget ultralight review and teardown FX1000FC

Started by The Fishing Hobby, July 28, 2020, 10:31:34 PM

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yes, if pinion is separate w/ individual part# -- it's brass
but don't assume that's true for every FX model, just because it's true for 1000FC
FX-1000FA appears to have alloy permanently peened to plastic rotor:


Great video. Very informative on the lower-end Shimano spinners. You got the narration streamlined and easy to understand. Not for me with my big clumsy hands, but yeah, well worth the price. Always liked the way Shimano's use that top to bottom post for the ossilation system. I can see this class of reels as something to leave in my vehicle as part of a "just in case" rig.
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