Shimano Calcutta Conquest 400 Spool Tension Knob

Started by The Reel Dr, March 20, 2023, 05:27:16 PM

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The Reel Dr

Hi all

I have a Shimano Calcutta Conquest 400 that I am servicing that needs the spool tension knob assembly. In the schematics that I have found, they reference part#'s B5187 and B6012. After ordering and receiving both, they are too small and dont fit. Both are the same size, the only diff is one has a black border on the outside.
Anyways, I have been unable to find the correct part (spool tension knob assembly) for this reel.
Does anyone know the correct part number?
I'm guessing once I have the part number, I should be able to order the part.



Is it a CC 400 or CC 400A?
Got a picture of the reel?

EDIT: I see you've got both the 400 and 400A spool tension knobs, hmm. Any chance it's some odd Japanese-market-only reel?

The Reel Dr

its the CC 400, not the 400A. I'm not sure if its the Japanese model, however I am beginning to think so.
On the bottom, just to the right of the clutch, it has RH444, if that means anything