OOOOOOOOOLD Accurate Yellowtail Specials

Started by vmuth, September 06, 2022, 09:15:06 PM

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Quote from: Gfish on September 10, 2022, 10:00:21 PMHmmm. The pictured Accurate YTS, indeed has a one piece frame. What do you call a frame that has the tail-plate integrated into it such as the Daiwa Sealine conventionals? No tail-plate screws needed, I thought that was a "one piece frame"?
Yeah, also the Accuplates are a little thick and weighty. Looks like a good braid type of conventional.

I think you better look again. That is an Accurate frame with Accuplates on it. 3 pieces. The only conversion I know thar had a one piece frame (other than Pro Gear), was a Lee Pro.

The one piece frame I was referring to is not the combined frame/sideplate, but the frame portion of the reel being a single piece, like the Accuframe or Tiburon, as opposed to the separate components like crossbar kits which result in a frame made up of three independent pieces. I wouldn't consider the sideplates as part of a frame"

I think GFish is going with the same terminology. 

 I would describe the one piece frame/sideplate combo as a frame with an integrated sideplate.  Less ambiguous.

Sorry for the confusion.