alan tani @ fishing reel repair rebuild tutorial handle upgrade - shimano tld 20/30 two speed by steggs
Reel Repair by Alan Tani
July 06, 2020, 01:21:34 PM *
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Author Topic: handle upgrade - shimano tld 20/30 two speed by steggs  (Read 3030 times)
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« on: April 05, 2009, 08:03:00 AM »

thanks, steggs!

Quote from: Steggs01;121868
First things first. I would like to thank Alan for the gear and the amazing reports he puts up. Here is my bogged attempt at this.
Well it all start on the kitchen table.  All my gear and tools were laid out and I was ready for the new handle. As I have not worked on a two speed before I wanted to study the schematic drawing up close before pulling it apart, as a normal handle change is very basic.

Conventional Handle Replacement:

This is conducted by undoing the handle locking screw, then the handle bolt, removing the handle and replacing with the new one then carrying out the reverse.

Now for the Two Speed:

I soon realized that there is a pin that slides in/out to activate the two gearing system. I didn't want to stuff the gears nor the handle setup. Nor the near reel.  I was all set to go (Tools,oils,lubricants and anti pilling cloth/paper).  I did take  a whole lot of pictures in sequence but they didn't turn out as well as I wanted (Couldn't find new camera) so I used the old one. I didn't post them up so not to bore you.

Ok ... We are off:

I pulled the (#236)lever quadrant off and the (#780) right side plate to reveal the working of the gears. 

I proceeded to undo the (#213)Drive Shaft screw (which is labeled (thread direction)) to expose the gearing system. A very simple gearing system that holds the pin in two different positions as to activate the two different gears(#209) Gear Select Cross Bar.

The gear select cross bar is held in place by the (#771) Push Low Button Shaft. I could not remove the gear select cross bar so that the handle could be removed, so I attacked from the other end. The coventional way of replacing a reel handle...

I thought to my self. It cant be that simple.

I started to remove the gearing system on the handle (#91) Push button (#94) slide plate and (#2a) Handle bolt plate.
This is a little tricky as there are some tiny springs a bit tricky to slide over the (#771) Push Low Button Shaft.

Then undoing  (#148) Handle Bolt it can then be released from (#208) Drive shaft. The handle is easily removed then.

The new handle can be placed on the drive shaft and tightened up. Once the correct tension is applied to the handle bolt, slight adjustments need to be made so that the (#92) screw lines up with the (#772) Handle Assembly.

Then do the reverse to re-assemble.

It is actually quite simple, but hey at least I know how the 2 speed gearing system works.

But you go from this :

To this :

I really appreciate how much work goes into a Alan Tani thread now. My next one is the Sealine 900h drag and handle up grade. Alan has already done this one... Thanks


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