Second-guessing reel size.

Started by Wolfram M, September 11, 2022, 09:32:42 PM

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Wolfram M

So, I'm still overly excited about going fishing in 20 more days. I'm doing extra pushups every day, longer walks on the treadmill, and I sit and reel the biggest, draggiest reel I have to exercise those reeling fingers while I'm on my lunch break.

I looked at the 2600X reel I put on my surf fishing rod (first real surf rod, I've always just flung what I brung before) and it just looks tiny. It was spooled with about 200 yards of JB 40lb braid, I'd estimate as I did not count it, and the reel is only rated to carry 125yds of 20lb mono max.

The rod is a Daiwa 20-40lb 9ft surfcasting rod, it's carbon, and was 20$ at the local Dick's. If it does well, I'll probably never build a rod this big...couldn't touch the guides for that cost. (And they're Fuji-stamped)

I recently got a 4000X reel, the next size bigger, and cleaned it up. I did not have the ball bearings to upgrade it with, nor did I have another set of carbon drags, so it just got scrubbed of all the old crayon-smelling grease, and re-greased with fresh blue.

Since it was doing nothing, I got to thinking-maybe that'd be the better fit. It holds a 150yd 30lb mono fill, so I did a short section of 30lb mono then I tied the last 100yds of the JB 40lb I had leftover, and wound that on. I then uni-knotted the braid off the smaller reel on, and spooled all 200yds of it onto the bigger reel. Total is 5 yds 30lb mono, 300yds of JB 40lb braid, and 2yds of 30lb fluoro for some shock absorption.

Am I crazy, or is this larger reel really the better option? Or did I not go big enough? I have a 7000X...I was planning to put that on a 40lb class boat rod if I start going to the coast more often.


if you can get decent $20 Daiwa rods w/ Fuji guides,
GET MORE RODS...  I'd ballpark:
20-40# for 7000/9000
15-30# for 4000/7000
10-20# for 2600/4000
personally, I'd want 10'+ if available


What's this $20 surf rod with fuji hardware? That's what I wanna know
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Ron Jones

If you need more than 300 yards of line while surf fishing with a 9ft rod, and your not using the assistance of a kayak, then you are in the middle of a crazy fight and have brought a knife to a gun fight.

I think you'll be fine and the swap was prudent, as long as you can cast the bigger reel.

Now about that rod?

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Ronald Jones
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Wolfram M

It's an Orange Daiwa FT surf rod, was a closeout deal at my local Dick's sporting goods. They no longer carry any fishing gear in the store.

This is not the same rod-but it is the same "series" I guess? Mine is marked 20-40lb and is 9ft 4" long. It is the same colors but these specs do not match mine. Mine also has that carbon/graphite color on the unpainted sections near the ferrule, but this one is listed as fiberglass.

When I search for the 20-40lb rods I get no results that look like mine.


Oh ok. I've seen those before, but not with fuji hardware. I'll look more closely.

I find them a bit floppy for my tastes, but not outrageously so. But that's why I hadn't pulled the trigger on one yet. Was considering rebuilding one as a loaner setup.
Any machine is a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough.

Wolfram M

If there had been more that looked like mine in the rack, if have bought them. There were a lot of 100 and 200$ saltwater rods in the rack for 50$, I just did not know what I was looking at or I would have bought a few more. Now I know and it's too late to go back...


Quote from: Wolfram M on September 11, 2022, 09:32:42 PM40lb class boat rod

For me, surf casting a trolling rod is problematic...especially if you add in several rods that are true surf casters.  You'd be serving different masters.  My bet is that you would retire the trolling rod at some point during the trip. 

If you're alone, running 4-6 rods and you get into the hits (and I hope you do!), you don't want an odd rig tripping you up.  You'll want consistency.

The only "different" rod I would put in the spread would be for targeting live bait and smaller game fish...when your surf rods aint bent.

The guys that yak their tackle out 3-400 yds use boat rods and rarely use casting rods.  Those that wade their tackle out, cast and stick rods in PVC etc, use casting rods.

Wolfram M

The boat rod was an idea for when I actually do go out on a boat, but it won't be this year.

I'll have plenty to do this fall with the 7ft med-heavy spinning rod plus the 9ft surf rod, and I get to go back for my birthday in December, so I will have another crack at the bridge pilings then too.