Anyone ever had to file a dispute with Paypal?

Started by pjstevko, September 20, 2022, 07:10:07 PM

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Just curious if anyone has ever had to file a dispute with Paypal for receiving a product different than described or never receiving their product?


PayPal is really good about getting your money back but it takes a while.


I've had a couple claims....PayPal did right by me !
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Have filed a few.  Several were sellers where I never received anything, and I was made whole by PP fairly promptly.  Have had situations where received items were damaged, and I believe in every event, the seller themselves stepped up and made it right, usually with a total or partial refund.  So, for me, track record has been very good.


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Had Better luck with Pay Pal, well Faster than with E-bay.
Pay Pal actually had a FREE Postage return on 1 item per year I used to get my money back on E-bay .Don't know if they still do .
Lady sent me a Damn fish bowl instead of a Nice Reel I paid for . What a Fiasco ........My reel was NEVER Found .
I had to send the Fishbowl Back on my Nickel before FLEA BAY would return my money for the Sellers SCREW UP.That's where I found out about Pay Pals one time per year return shipping .Course you have to had Paid with pay pal .
Let us know ho it turns out for ya. Hope it turns out GOOD.
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No problems with pay pal.  I got scammed and they took care of it even though I was stupid.


I am just curious as to most people's experiences.....


It's worked OK for me a couple times but it's too much work to post it all here.


For me PayPal has always worked well.   Have never had problems but good to know that they fix it when it occurs.


PayPal can be cumbersome to deal with sometimes. Try to keep everything simple.  I wish there was a better alternative, but I won't buy anything on the big auction site unless it goes thru PP.



only once so far, item not received. Paypal was quick and easy to get my money back..