UC 40# rod recommendations

Started by pjstevko, September 21, 2022, 05:37:45 PM

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I scored a killer deal on a Mak 10ii SEa and now I want a new rod to set it on to fish 40#. (I currently use a Speedmaster 12ii and PCH 801XH and love the set up but it'll get reserved as a spare)

What UC rod to you recommend for 40#?


I have a GP monster, one of the red ones, good 40 lb rod if you pull hard. Be good for tuna but for fish like halibut or seabass with violent head shakes or soft mouths I'd use something more forgiving
Do what you can with that you have where you are


In an 8'er I like the Tilefish, in a 7'6" the US 76HP. I've use the Tilefish w/50# too.
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I also fish my Mak10 with 40# topshot/leader, and it pairs well with a GP80MON (for me a 30-40# rod). Also because butt is slim enough to clear clamp studs. Not so with fatter butt blanks.

Don't have a Tilefish but sounds like a winner if you want a step heavier action (40-50#).