Olympic DS-5 6/0

Started by Shellbelly, September 22, 2022, 06:25:53 PM

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I got this from a bay-seller by mistake, got a refund and he orphaned the reel.  It arrived in a plastic sack, bent, and the plastic knob was in pieces.  It did not work, possibly because it was knocked out of alignment.  So, I took it apart to see what's inside.

Overall, it's a clone of a Penn 350 leveline in 6/0 size and width with convertible features like a Mariner HC....and has an integral line counter.  Strangely, it doesn't have bait alert capability.

There are two large stainless ball bearings.

The plates appear to be plastic.  Rings are very thin stainless.  The posts and stand are chromed brass.

The bridge post is a one-piece, no-sleeve piece that is attached to the bridge with a c-clip.  It isn't a tight arrangement.

There were no fiber drag washers or residue and I don't believe there's room for them in the gear, given the number of metal washers.

I'll let the pictures say the rest...except to opine that it is an interesting mechanism that most likely WOULD NOT survive the expectations we place on a 6/0 reel.       

Wompus Cat

Interesting similarities for sure .
Nice Comparison,and thanks for the work  you did here
You got your money's worth on it ...lol
However Olympic did build some very good Reels in that series but went to pot it looks like in that one .
Here is a DS-12 I did a comp to on a 113 H Penn. Better built than the Penn 350 Copy .
Olympic DS-12 comp /113//114
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Dohzuki did like using springs!!  I noted in your link that it was a little testy to reassemble.  Mine is definitely bent out of whack, post screws bent and all, and I'm not inclined to repeat the process over and over until it lines up.  Gonna have to bag this one and hoard it.