Drag washer life

Started by Salmon Head, September 22, 2022, 07:16:53 PM

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Salmon Head

I installed smoothdrag washers in my last generation Takota 600. All went well, and greased them lightly. The difference in the drag setting and performance is amazingly better.
My question - What's the life span of smoothdrag washers compared to stock washers?Should they be replaced periodically?

p.s. I troll for salmon out of the golden gate.

Thanks much.


Good question. All mine have lasted since installed, except the ones I put in a 6/0 Penn and Long Beach 68. These 2 I use to put doner-reel drag friction on braid that I'm winding onto other reels. The worn-out washers were slightly compressed and smooth-glazed. Average age for my regular reel washers: ~5yrs.
Be sure to remember to loosen the drag right after fishing and during long-term storage.
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