Shiner fishing

Started by jgp12000, September 29, 2022, 06:19:59 PM

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I noticed shiners feeding on the shallow end of the pond.I have had these yellow crappie nibbles for some time never caught much with them.I tied on a #10 truturn gold hook and started catching big shiners left and right.I was tossing them in a 5 gal bucket of pond water.I have a basket I made from coated hardware fabric and pvc pipe frame and noodles.I save fish in til I have enough to clean or give away.So I moved the shiners to the basket to use for bass fishing.I have an Okuma CLX Classic XT mounted on a Bill Dance catfish pole rigged with a premade cork/lead/leader and a 3/0 circle hook.I picked the largest shiner in the basket (10 inches) and set it out on free spool and began weed eating around the dock.15 minutes later the big cork started moving out to deeper water like jaws had it.I sat the weed eater down,ambled over to the rod holder flipped the spool lever and it was on.A 5 lb bass had taken the shiner,I have done this in the past but not on free spool.The shiner fishing is a lot of action and the bass love them.