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Started by mhc, October 02, 2022, 10:03:03 AM

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Thanks again guys.
Quote from: Rothmar2 on November 17, 2022, 07:33:48 AMMike, the humble clutch lever has gone through some serious design evolution from you and Ted!
It's all Ted's responsibility Chris, he started the 'new style shift lever' movement back in January 2017.

A quick update on this reel - I've had my first attempt at anodizing it, I say first because it's not going to plan at the moment. A few weeks ago I tried to anodize a 501 I had modified a couple of years back but not finished off.

As you can see in the photo, most of the reel was OK but the dye didn't take in a few places at the front of the reel. I wasn't sure what caused it and put it down to me being a bit rusty with the process.
After brushing up on my notes and checking the anodizing tank I ran a couple of test pieces.

They seemed OK, a couple of slight blemishes but they were multiple colors - the darker gold is green over red dye, the lighter gold is red over green dye and the rum color is violet over gold dye.

Thinking it's working as normal I tried doing the squidder copy today

Not as bad as the 501, most of the reel is OK but there is still a couple of patches where the dye didn't take.

After looking closely at the blotches, my current theory is there is a trace of the hard waxy build-up left from the polishing / buffing process.
My small 200 year old ultrasonic cleaner burnt out cleaning test pieces before the 501 attempt which means I've been soaking in simple green but not 'vibrating' as I used to. I didn't use a degreaser after polishing either  :-\
The dye has taken well to unpolished test pieces and the inside surfaces of the plates which would support my theory/ clutch of straws.

I had bought an ultrasonic cleaner on ebay but had the money refunded today, after asking about overdue delivery.

I'll try again when I get hold of a cleaner.

It can't be too difficult - a lot of people do it.


 I am enjoying your progress .   I think you are right about the polishing compound residue contamination.
     I know that i have fell victim to it a few times ...
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Thanks Joe,
I'm hoping that's the problem - I probably underestimated how effective ultrasonic cleaners are and didn't put enough effort into cleaning without using one. I don't have an assistant or supervisor I can blame, so for now I'll blame Donnyboat - he gave me the buffing wheel and compound I used.  ;D

It can't be too difficult - a lot of people do it.

Robert Janssen

Again, bravo Mike.
Anodizing is a bit of a black art, and any such effort is commendable. That it didn't go quite right on the first try just goes to show that it is difficult. Learn by doing; you'll get it right next time. Well done.


You can sub a cheap electric toothbrush for a US cleaner and you'd be surprised how well it works. I put the part in a cup of my solvent of choice and turn the brush on and leave it in the cup tip down. Every time I've told myself I need to leave a part for a while, then came back a few min later to make sure it hadn't tipped over or anything, the part is always already clean when I check it. Sign of success.
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Well Well Well Mike, you can wash the buff through the washing machine, then use braso to do the buffing, braso even cleans ars##?, follow up with alcohol, I am sorry its 3,000 mile across australia, or I would do your machining for you too,
    Jason the electric tooth brush idea sound good, Mike you can borrow mine as I only use it when I shower, thats about once a month, through the winter, keep well, n good luck, cheers Don.
Don, or donnyboat

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I can't wait to see how this thing spins! It sounds like you got the color issue on the run, thanks for bringing us along.

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