Rock Cod and Tuna Combo

Started by Crab Pot, October 16, 2022, 08:31:32 PM

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Crab Pot

Went out with the Reel Ninja crew, thanks for the invite Billy, for a Farallon Island cod trip.

Given the recent news of all the exotics being caught I said what the hell and brought my tuna trolling rig.

Once on the boat, the New Huck Fin out of Emeryville, I asked Capt. Jay what the water temps off the gate were and figured it was worth a shot. What else was I going to do on the boat ride out the islands?

So I put my cigar and bird out once we cleared the Potatoe Patch out about 150 yards. Boat was going an average of 12 knots which is on fast side. But hey it was a cod trip.

Once we got insight of the islands Capt. Jay said get the Sand Dab rigs out so I reeled in my rig, only to find out the cigar wasn't there. It was a factory tied rig on 200lb test. Had to of had a bur on the inside of lead head that while spinning cut the line. That's all I can think of.

Anyway it was Sand Dab time and we crushed them, I even put a few 12" Dab's in my ice chest, my wife loves'em.

Cruised past the very far north set of islands targeting Lings, we had 26 limits of Lings on two drifts. It was wide open and we left them biting.

I was time to fill the bags so we moved further inside between the north and south set of islands and put a beat down on some good grade Olives with a Vermillion here and there. We also got into a few Golden Eye. Capt. Jay had a descender and they were released.

On the way in a trolled again with a bird and Mexican Flag clone. No joy though.

Great trip, good to have some Lings and Cod in the freezer.
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Ha! Dude you are a SERIOUS fisherman, trolling for Albacore(?) like that. Sounds like something I might try, why waste the opportunity? It's a long way out there.
12 knots is fast but ya never know...
Sounds like some great Fall bottom fishin.
Fishing tackle is an art form and all fish caught on the right tackle are"Gfish"!

Hardy Boy

You never know if you don't try. Nice bottom fishing.




One critter the Nor-Cal waters ain't short-of seems to be Sand Dabs. Great big-fish bait and great table-fare.
Fishing tackle is an art form and all fish caught on the right tackle are"Gfish"!

Crab Pot

When the Captain told me tuna water why not!

We ate bait, I mean Sand Dabs last night.


Ling Cod tonight.
Buy it nice or buy it twice.

Crab Pot

Friend of mine in Morro Bay tried the same thing I did on a cod trip and was rewarded with an 80 pound Bluefin on a Madmac lure.  :d

I'll let you know if he gives me any as his inspiration!  ;D
Buy it nice or buy it twice.


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