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Started by MisterStinky, November 05, 2022, 05:24:38 AM

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Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

I am from Queensland, Australia. I like fishing for barramundi and threadfin salmon in the off season.

Also wanted to thank Alan who has gone out of his way to help me in the past!!



send me an email at for questions!


Cant sell anything here, why would you be Mr Stinky, Hi, what reels do you have, what part of Queensland do you live, and Welcome from Sunny Western Australia, cheers don, good to have you with us.
Don, or donnyboat


There's nothing wrong with a few "F's" on your record....Food, Fun, Flowers, Fishing, Friends, and name just a few !


Hi, my name is Lee and I have a fishing gear problem.

I have all of the answers, yup, no, maybe.

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Welcome aboard, Mr. Stink!

Best, Fred
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Bill B

Good to have you here.  A better bunch of guys you will never meet.  Bill, Southern California
It may not be very productive,
but it's sure going to be interesting!


Thanks very much for the welcome everyone!!

I don't have anything great and like to service my own reels. Bg4000, spheros 8000, abu 6500c and 7000, penn 320gt2 and jigmaster.

I am just north of Cairns. I was meant to be in the field once for 3 days but ended up out there for a month with no change of clothes hence the nickname.


Welcome aboard Mr Stinky!
You still have time to get your reservation in for November 12th on the Endeavor out of Morro Bay,California.  I think Alan even still has a spot at the clubhouse available . Dinner Friday night is casual and promptly at 6:00 😎
Best ,
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Greetings, MS, from Minnesota, USA.


Hardy Boy

Cheers from the West Coast of Canada. I'll raise a tinny for another Ausie member.





Greetings from the SoCal Inland Empire! - john


Bryan Young

Welcome Mr. Stinky. 

I hope you are Mr. Stinky because you are a fish killer.

:D I talk with every part I send out and each reel I repair so that they perform at the top of their game. :D