Carolena - Nov 29 - Dec 2

Started by Alans Buddy, November 05, 2022, 01:33:08 PM

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Alans Buddy

Thought I'd sit out PV this year.
A few months back, talked to Alan to see what he thought about the Carolena.
Wanna go? Sure! A few emails later and we had dates.
Looking forward to a great trip with some old and new buds!!!

Alans Buddy

Jigs no more.
I've enjoyed getting jigs made for our PV trips. Sadly Gary Puls is no longer making them. He was incredibly helpful and easy to work with!

And thanks Dan for the AT logos!

Our first trip on the Marla IV was Dec 2015

Dec 2016

Jan 2018

Feb 2019

Jan 2020

Right after we got back from our trip in 2020: UGH!!!

First trip on the NTNC Dec 2021

Alans Buddy

Soooo, this year it will be shirts.
Found Luke Walker over at The Hull Truth, easy to work with as well!

David Hall

Hardy Boy

looks good Ben. I better save my lures as they are now collector items !!



Gobi King

Nice, we should open up a merch store ;-)
Shibs - aka The Gobi King