Summer Halibut using a Jig.

Started by gstours, November 18, 2022, 05:51:47 PM

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Hello All,   here,s a clip from a little while ago that shows why maybe the headmounted camera may not be the best for everything.   I wanted to leave in some of the jerky, shaky, parts to show the clip as if you were there,  i,d like to show more smoothness,  butt its what you got.   
  The green jig is a homade copy made from a silicone mold (thanks to Jurelometer,s tutoring) and it got three nice eating size halibut this day.   We were anchored in about 140 feet of slack tidewater on this slope in a friends boat behind a point of an island,  the reel was the Avet hxj and a very good reel for this type oof use.  Hope some of you will enjoy some of this.    :fish


Nice! One on the iron is worth 10 on the bait on my fun-o-meter.

What are your experiences fishing the irons bait free vs.  a small strip/skin bait vs. a bigger bait payload?



Gary could you use this jig mold?

It was custom made for me years ago when we did a lot of jogging for all kinds of fish

I believe the heaviest is 6 oz

We even caught fish on them naked with no finish.

Note that red is the first color to turn grey in 30 feet of water.
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Hardy Boy

Keith: If Gary can't use the mold may I be so bold as to say I would love to buy it from you. Those are good sizes for salmon and bottom fish jigs.




Thanks Keith for the generous offer,  butt it should go to a better home than me as I don't really jig for our salmon that much, almost never lose any  and I've got many jigs ahead on these sizes.  Your aluminum molds very well made.   Thanks again for your interest and kindness,   Gst.
  Hardy boys fishery might be just the ticket.  :fish

Bryan Young

Todd, if you get tired of the mold, I'd be interested in buying it off you late for the same purpose. Great rockfish jigs?
:D I talk with every part I send out and each reel I repair so that they perform at the top of their game. :D