Totally portable soldering gun, Hack

Started by gstours, November 21, 2022, 03:12:44 AM

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Several times I've needed to solder electrical connections on a boat when no shore power is available.  So here's another Alaskan fix.  The butane torch used here was used on the low heat setting and it had ample heat for #14 copper wire.   Heat up time is about 10 seconds.   Its not pretty, butt it's not for sale,  it's priceless in a pinch.
  The l shaped pc of #10 copper wire was inserted in the steel foodcan wrap, sliced ends help make a closure cone.  Totally portable, the thing is smoke free,  drilling holes first in the steel wrap allows it to have very good combustion.


Hi Gary, very good point man, thanks for the info, keep well cheers Don.
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really cool gstours; you should do a little video. thanks
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Thanks for the kind words,  its the small things you can do yourself that sometimes lift your spirits, giving you more skills, and these cant be taken away.   As for the vidio ?   Maybe just pictures od the step by step.   I actually made this out on the boat,  as its crudeness will attest.   Stay tinned! :cf


 At first I was like thinking why not just the lighter ?  However your creation will deal with wind much better... Jeff


I have rebuilt and re wired a number of boats from 37' to 17'.

One of them was a new charter boat that I also did the drafting for USCG approval.

Solder connections are not allowed on boats.  Only mechanical connections are allowed.

Now on my personal rebuild of a 17' Aquasport I did solder the battery connections after crimping them.
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