Bearing replacement Penn 550ss, 450 and 440

Started by wailua boy, November 22, 2022, 12:02:46 AM

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wailua boy

Aloha Ohana.
Sorry if this has been asked before. I'm contemplating replacing my bearings on the above mentioned reels. The price from Mystic looks a bit high. Is there a comparable replacement for a more affordable price? Should I just attempt to service my existing bearings?


Do they need replacement?

If they do for sure —- they should be replaced.

Bearings can be sourced easy enough from many online sources.

They just need the measurements —- using a digital caliper.

OD, ID, and thickness.

Get them from a quality US company —- not some Asian eBay special.  That way you will get a quality product on a timely basis with no issues.

Bearings are not too special or mysterious.

I think each of the reels you mentioned has (3) bearings.

So maybe $7 X 9 = $63 + tax & shipping.

If the bearings are OK —- just clean them well and regrease with a quality synthetic Marine grease —- and use them.

They seldom go bad unless used in the salt and not serviced regularly.  Even then, after a good and complete cleaning and greasing —- they may go another 10 years.

Best, Fred
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I believe they are 8x16x5

I will double check and let you know. I should have plenty.
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wailua boy