Started by Cor, December 17, 2022, 06:14:21 AM

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Last week I experienced a new kind of malfunction in my Tranx HG500, difficult to explain but it felt as if the reel was not going in to gear after a cast.   One or two handle turns, a fairly solid "clunk" and it was working, (sort of) but definitively a problem so packed the reel in to my bag.   When I got home I opened it and found one AR pawl BNT 2914 sitting off and next to its shaft.

Sorry I did not take photos.

Difficult to see how that could happen and I suspected that I perhaps caused it when I opened the reel.   After some testing and reassembling I noticed that the friction sleeves were very worn and one side had a tiny piece from the tip broken away.

I always put a light coating of grease on both sides of the Anti-Reverse Ratchet BNT 4456.

After some further testing I saw that the broken lip on the one side of the AR pawl caused it to slip in between the ratchet and it then got a fairly solid bump as the ratchet turned.  The pressure on the Anti-Reverse Ratchet by the opposite spring loaded lip caused that.   Attached picture taken from Internet.

I fairly often bend those lips a bit to create more friction, perhaps that should be avoided.

Luckily I had two new AR pawl in stock.

This is again a new one for me, perhaps useful information to others.


They do need a bit of tension, but I notice that a lot of them are very fine tolerances and even a poofteenth of a mm change in the length of the ear can cause one end of the ear to slip down into the face of the tooth and get bent over when the drive reverses.  It fails to engage and usually just destroys itself from there on.  Once there is any deformation of the ears at all I just toss them, they can never be straightened to end up at the specced length again.
Another thing to watch is the washer under the main gear, some seem to run right on the pawl ears and could bend the tip when reversing.  Need to check carefully if you change that washer to ensure you still have clearance when reassembling.
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On the same topic I have a rather old ABU 10,000C which has a slipping anti reverse. I replaced the AR pawl with a brand new one but that only helped a little bit. Any ideas?


Hey Cor I don't grease the ratchet.

Doesn't this reel have a roller clutch bearing?

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Yes Keith it does.   It's a Tranx HD500.

I've always believed that a bit of grease will delay wear of the sleeves and make the system work more efficiently without thinking much about the second statement.

I guess if it's friction you want then no grease, but more friction = more wear, not so?


The worst is when you take apart a lever drag reel that uses the friction pawls and the AR ratchet stays attached to the spool but the pawls are attached to the right side plate and it immediately bends open the ears. I've had reels where I've had to take them apart half a dozen times to get just the right balance of grip without creating too much friction when turning the handle. Because they act against the pinion gear any resistance is multiplied by the gear ratio of the reel.

I've found that you want almost no grease on the post the pawls ride on, to minimise the force it takes to rotate them. I've actually taken to just oiling them with TSI321 in some reels.