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Started by JasonGotaProblem, December 20, 2022, 08:52:49 PM

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When you feel you like what you got, or close, send a couple and let me know what I owe you. I have plenty of reels to try on and will give you heaver feedback for 5,6,8,10 oz lead delivery. I'll do 12 oz if you like, but if it's that nasty I'm in a bar not trying to sling over one. Timing is good, I need to get on the grass and get some practice in during the next few weeks; Heaver demo day is in March. I'm tweaking my Geeks stump puller, and about to start building a CTS 1305 and Guts Butt 11'3", so I've a lot of field testing to do with these set for certain applications.


Quote from: JasonGotaProblem on January 12, 2023, 04:43:29 AMJohn and Alex, I need someone to do some beta testing once I finish refining the design.

that would be a good excuse to take the dust off from my 12ft rainshadow casting rod with some 4-6oz and also with a 10ft fenwick casting 1.5 to 3oz
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That looks great Jason!  I love the progress you're making on this!
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Compadre, which Rainshadow blank do you have? The 1502's are gold up here.


Quote from: thorhammer on January 12, 2023, 06:12:40 PMCompadre, which Rainshadow blank do you have? The 1502's are gold up here.

RS  SUR1505, I bought it few years ago, way before I was even thinking to be able to build my own rods, I wanted a Surf casting rod to cast lures and spoons but this one is more a bait rod, it cast like a dream 5oz + bait.

I was thinking to sell it but Im better off rebuilding it with my own mark
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She's ready for a test. Though I honestly thought it would fit more line. Only got 250yds of 15# braid on, with no backing.

Not installed yet but the rocket steel gear arrived yesterday.
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Wow, that does sound low. I thought they are supposed to hold 195 yds of 12 mono. I'd have expected 300 yds of 15 braid.


Oh this thing casts! With my one surf conventional rod I went to a lake and flung a 2oz weight over 100 yds with relative ease a bunch of times. Granted I had a tail wind but it wasn't crazy. I tried the mag brake at different settings (really getting looser as I got more confident) and I'm pretty happy with the results.
Any machine is a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough.


Quote from: oc1 on January 07, 2023, 04:53:54 AM
Quote from: jurelometer on January 06, 2023, 08:55:16 PMI always wondered if the mag power requirement is affected by payload weight.  You would think that the mag is only supposed to keep the spool from spinning faster than the payload is pulling it, so it should not have to slow down the payload, just the overrun, but it seems that folks do adjust for payload size.  The only mag reel that I have has zero at low and near zero at high, so it is always set at full. 

What I don't understand is why it takes more magnets to get thumb-free casting for a 1/4 ounce jig than it does for a 3/8 ounce jig.  That is with exactly the same rod, reel and line.

I attach two to four countersunk magents with a #6 nut and bolt through the side plate.  Then thinner wafers magnets are stacked on top until it is tuned for thumb-free.

I'm not coordinated enough to thumb the spool or adjust the knobby thing while the jig is in the air.
If i may be forgiven for responding to an older comment, This is the question that has been bugging me. The additional question is why when you swap to a BFS spool you would want to to increase your mag setting to compensate. This post got longer than I expected, so the important parts are in bold.

It seems the answer is that the braking effect is proportional both to the momentum of the spool, and the amount of aluminum moving in the local magnetic field. So going from a regular spool to a lighter spool means less metal spinning so less magnetic effect. It leads me to wonder if I should be going to a lighter magnet for a heavier spool, instead of the opposite.

With regard to different mag settings needed for different weight lures to avoid a backlash, i think the answer revolves around what that backlash is, namely the lure is no longer moving as fast as the spool is so the line bunches up and rolls over. And if the cast is thrown the same, the 3/8 lure leaves the cast with momentum, which means more spool acceleration, so more initial braking will occur. Also, that 1/4 oz lure will lose momentum in the air quicker than its heavier buddy, and will need more braking (either thumb or mag) to prevent an overrun.

I need to dig out some old physics textbooks to verify some of these assumptions.
Any machine is a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough.


Quote from: JasonGotaProblem on January 12, 2023, 04:43:29 AMI just keep refining. I realized I can drill out the hole to accommodate the magnet by spinning the part and holding the drill bit still. Then I narrowed the bottom so the compressed magnet would have somewhere to hang out. This allows for far more travel. I can in essence get the magnet closer to the spool than before, and also back it out further.

God i need to get a tap n die set. I have so many ideas. 

John and Alex, I need someone to do some beta testing once I finish refining the design.

Jason, after checking the 2nd and final version of your Mag kit, how do you installed on a dome sideplate of the abu reel?
I dont see where you "adapted" a concave surface to a flat surface for installing the kit

****  after seeing this thread and checking Chad links on the 1st page I recalled I bought a Blackdog Mag kit from Chad few years ago, Jan 2020 to be exact, so I got it, then the pandemic hitted hard worldwide but also pretty bad here in Baja so, I saved the magkit somewhere and totally forgot about it until yesterday, it took me hours looking on all my fishing cabinets, boxes, tool's storage places, etc until I found it. ::)  ;D

I recall I was going to try to installed it onto my "now sold" saltist 20h but never even tried it.

it would be cool to compare these two kits, Jason & BlackDog

PS: Chad's Magkits were pretty similar to the ones from Blackdog

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