Diesel heaters.

Started by gstours, December 21, 2022, 05:29:55 PM

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Being comfortable in a boat 🚤 can make a huge difference in how much and often you use your boat, or how badly you want to go with your buddy.
  I have chosen the  stove oil Dickerson heater, and it has served me well.  The ability to heat food and beverages makes it worth the price.
  I've got a few friends that have other Types of heaters and it's a personal preference.
  Now it seems like a reasonable option might be the Chinese diesel heaters, since the patent expired on the Webasto type of design and some variations are now available and very reasonable in price.   Look on Amazon for instance.
  What are your thoughts?   More people have a dime than a dollar 💵 it's been said. :cf


Here are some heaters for the topic,  both a kit type and stand alone type.
  12 or 24 volts, fan assist blowing,  lots of u-tube users assist with their application, all have remote controls, push button, digital readings.
  And what prompted the post is all shown sell for under 140 usd, including shipping with Prime.