Heddon MKIV 3200

Started by Reelmeneer, December 22, 2018, 06:31:55 PM

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Iam searching for an exploded view, parts list and manual for a heddon mkIV 3200... actually all info etc for these reel is very welcome. Cannot find anything on the web, even not from the brand heddon...




don't have the papers, but have one of these which I pulled apart and cleaned up to fish.. will post the pics I took for my reference, once I get home..

one of the few web hits I found was on Field & Stream, saved the text but can't find the link anymore -
"It was made for a number of years during the late fifties and early sixties and was the first reel with a level wind that you could fold down out of the way for casting. The father of the reel was Robert (Bob) Baenziger. He was also instrumental in the design of the first completely disengaging level wind reel which was the LEW CHILDRE Speed Spool. "

The design was first used in Swedish Victory reels which were a collaboration between Heddon and Victory. Later manufacture moved to Japan, which is where our reels were made.



the free-spool mechanism is unlike any other reel I've worked on. This is on the non-drive side showing the lever and bits as assembled. The levelwind is retained by a couple of those horrible circlips on each side. Note the flying brakes on the spool, and the handy icons to show which way around they should go.

the drag stack in order.

drive side together. This is fairly straightforward. Antireverse is the same as on an Abu. Another horrible circlip on L here, which retains the clutch plate on the plate from the levelwind. Note how the far end of clutch plate goes between the spring and the little ramp. The levelwind disengage works from the non-drive side through the levelwind bar, which is connected by a small plate to push the clutch.

parts is parts, and here they all are. Bearings in each end plate retained by another clip. I cleaned these out and replaced grease with light oil.
Note the end cap on the non-drive side has a little copper shim, just to the R of the cap in this picture. That shim is domed. The dome should point up when it is in the end cap. If this shim goes in the wrong way the spool will have side play.

It's a good reel, nicely made even though from Japan. The one problem I had when using monofilament, was that any backlash would immediately dive behind the spool and get stuck/cut. There isn't a quick takeapart on the reel and removing those little screws in the field isn't a good idea. I switched to old-fashioned braided dacron 12lb, and that works great.

Here's my Heddon bass combo - this reel on a 5.5' cane Heddon 200, and a Heddon 300 fly reel on a Lucky 13 2 1/2F rod.


Thank you so much!! Looking forward to take mine apart and give it a full service!

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Very interesting reel. Thanks for posting. Some of the parts look very Abu-like, such as the main gear and drag stack. Would love to see more detail(hint, hint), especially of the levelwind/anti-reverse system.
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Yes, very interesting reel. Freespool, anti-reverse, star drag, bearings, brakes; Sounds like a 70's reel!


This may or may not help —-

But I pulled it out of the outer shop where I have all the shop manuals that I only look at once in a while anymore.

Best, Fred
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Talk about coming to the rescue!



Great video!

I didn't realize they had disengaging level winds way back then
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