Help with classic shimano chronarch 100A

Started by GeorgeN, January 16, 2023, 11:14:55 PM

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I just started using my Shimano Chronarch 100A again.  I purchased it new in the 90's and always loved the reel.  Are there any videos on breaking this reel down for cleaning and lubing?  It still operates very well, but most recently the anti reverse bearing sometimes malfunctions and may need replacement.  I have lost my original schematic and parts list and it would be very helpful to watch a video or have step by step instructions on taking the reel apart for cleaning, lubing, and possible part replacement.  Help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks, George Santee, CA



this may be it, on sale, but compatible part list is slightly different:

BNT2356 / BNT4447 / TGT1659- Shimano Tekota Calcutta A/R Bearing - DadsOleTackle

it's a serious, reputable vendor -- you can call them to make sure


I had one. A real nice 90's baitcaster. In-fact, I cut my teeth on both Shimano reels and baitcasters with it. That is; rebuild maintenance.
Be prepared for many parts and possible frustration. The first 2 times I did it, I had to start over 3-4 times because I didn't know the reassembly sequence. Take your time, try not to lose any parts, especially any keeper springs. Lay all parts out in disassembly/reassembly order. Maybe even take pictures as you go along.
Been years since I last did it, so I have no specific details I can remember.
Best to use this one in freshwater only. Definitely a classic.

Good on ya, philaroman. Yeah that schematic brings back, ah...memories.
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Hello George,

from stock $ 4.73

EWC1012 10X16/17X12 MM
One Way Hexed Head Bearing, Backstop Clutch, One Way Bearing or Anti-Reverse Bearing. Instant Anti-Reverse One Way Roller Clutch Bearing.

One Way Roller Bearing to fit Shimano Trinidad TN-16A, Calcutta 100, 150, 200, 250, 400, 400S

Verify size of bearing prior to purchase for these manufacturers part #
Penn Part # 98B-965, 098B-1184382, 1184382
Shimano Part # BNT1207, BNT2356, BNT2925, TGT1659, BNT4447
Daiwa Part # 140-2000, F98-6401, F57-3901
Okuma Part # 0910163, 0910169, 0910170, 0910173, 01101612-62, 01101612-63

Does not include sleeve / tube - Just Bearing.

Fits The Following Fishing Reels:
Penn 98B-965, 098B-1184382
955 International Baitcast Reel
965 International Baitcast Reel
AND other Shimano Reels - click on the link above.