Sailfisher 130 drag star differences

Started by Shellbelly, January 19, 2023, 09:46:19 PM

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I just received a batch of good stuff for this model(Thanks, Keith!) so as I'm making improvements, I came across yet another Penn head-scratcher.  I found two different-sized 10-130 drag stars.  I have a few of these reels and have done complete tear-downs on each one.  Never noticed this.  After all, a 10-130 is a 10-130.

In the photo, the top shows the two stars spun onto the 130 sleeve. 

Next, I went into the Long Beach bin and found that the smaller 10-130 is VERY close to a 10-66 as shown in the middle of the photo.

So, the Collector wants to know who came first.  Well, I assumed the larger would come first since Sailfisher is unique, shares very few parts. Perhaps as the model was surpassed, economics would dictate using the 66 star and just threading it for the 130.

Now to the bottom of the photo.  That is one of the smaller 66-size stars from a 130 and it has no part number.  That attacks my theory since we know Sailfisher came out after Penn started stamping part numbers. 

Does it matter? :-\   Heck, I don't know.  I'm going to put the larger star on the 1st year reels and start paying better attention to any others that come in.

Darn Sailfishers.  Nothing but trouble.  Scrap 'em all. ;)   


Bill B

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