12/0 cracked plate

Started by Shellbelly, January 24, 2023, 06:55:10 PM

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I'm cleaning up an early one and found a crack.  I need to keep this reel original.  Any suggestions on filling this crack or should I just find another plate?  It looks like it could get worse over time.  I hate to see an old plate go to waste, but it is a defect on a decent early model.  Luckily, the gear cover is good...note the orientation of the logo.


  My go to is CA glue for cracks 1 or 2 application , than scrap with a razor blade for clean ups .
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the rings would likely hold the side plate rigid enough to not be a problem.  alternatively, you could use a hot stapler.  lots of youtube videos out there.  they are not hard to use. 
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