Where did the 204 fit in the Mitchell line?

Started by CincyDavid, January 30, 2023, 12:17:11 AM

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I find myself wondering if this was the beginning of a different trend in reel worsening: intentionally using lower grade materials, at a moderate price point, to make the original materials at a higher price point seem worth it.

Like with rods: a given blank with crap guides and not much decor goes for $50. Same blank with fuji LY guides is $100. Same blank with KR guides is $200. Now there's like a $8 difference between crap guides and fuji LY and another $10 difference across the whole set between LY and KR guides. And they don't take any more effort to wrap. But the lower grade rod makes it not seem like a total rip for the KR guided rod. And they can say "well you don't wanna pay that much we have an economical option" knkwing damn well many want the good option. And will pay for it. And feel like they got a good deal.
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My comment is why don't they just make the good guides and no crap guides...
I guess for different budgets,a yugo or
A mercedes both get from a to b,one is throw away one isn't.However,I read once most millionaires drive fords,I have only owned ford trucks,but aint no millionaire.


thanks for the pictures Fred..
my first ever reel was a 324, looked much like that 204 internally. It actually worked pretty well but I never used it again after getting a 308 for my 15th birthday..