Penn squall 2 SD, drag not working after servicing

Started by Trynafish8000, February 05, 2023, 07:14:56 PM

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First thank you for the addition and an advance thanks to any responses in this direction. I just got 2 penn squall 40s with star drag. My experience servicing reels is mostly spinning gear with the exception of a penn senator 4/0 and penn squall 2 15 casting special. All my reels work after servicing so I assumed I was beginning to be familiar with the process.

These two 40 were lightly used ans the drag was always backed off after use when storing. Drag was functioning perfectly prior to servicing as well. I tool the first one apart and reassembled. Everything worked except the drag would never produce more than approximately 5 lbs of resistance. I have mono, not braid. I checked the orientation of my drag spring washers and they are (), not (( or )). After numerous referrals to the parts diagram, I decided to take apart the second 40 and lay them side by side and take apart and reassemble simultaneously. I mirrored the exact orientation of the drag system all the way down to the main gear and pinion. When I reassembled both reels....bam! The drag on both were now not producing any resistance remotely close to original. I then took apart my smaller 15cs squall and reassembled and that worked perfectly. I assume there may be something on the 40s I am missing? Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. I am certain my spring washers are not flattened as the drags on both reels worked perfectly fine before servicing and I avoid max drag, and storing I am very careful to relieve the tension on the drag for storage.
All that being said I know I am not incapable of a mistake, and am hoping someone has encountered something similar with a simple solution.

Mahalo to all who read and especially to any responses.
Caleb Rodriguez


caleb, first of all, welcome!  you've covered the most common problems already.  this is a star drag reel, correct?

you do not have braid that is slipping on the spool.  you've looked at the mono to still verify that the mono is not slipping on the spool.

the handle is not impossible to turn when the star is buttoned down, so the star is not bottoming out against the side plate.  the belleville orientation is "()" which would shorten the height of the main gear assembly.

the carbon fiber drag washers alternate with metal washers for maximum surface area. metal to metal would give you this problem.

the spool has a free floating "ambassadeur" design so it's not an issue that the spool could be "slipping" on the spool shaft.

hmmm...  well, i can tell you the cause when this happened to me the last time.  i had a digital scale that was reading in kilograms instead of pounds.  do you have a digital scale or spring?

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Caleb, I just had a similar problem with my Penn Squall 2 30 star drag.  After I took it apart, the drag was no more than a couple of pounds even when buttoned down.  I cleaned off any grease from the drag washers (fiber and metal, even the ones below the main gear) and it got better.  Not great, but at least to what it was when I first got the reel (no spring scale but feels like about 10-12 lbs drag).  Hope this helps!