Penn Squall 30LD Video Service Tutorial

Started by ReelSpeed, September 25, 2012, 03:03:17 AM

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Well, I glad to bring you another tutorial.  This time it is the new Penn Squall 30 Lever drag reel. 
Here is the link to the schematic:

I decided to make a tutorial on this reel just because it was a new model that people are going to need info about... but once into the reel, I was blown away.  I don't know who lit the match at Penn, but what I am seeing is very, very impressive!  This did not seem like much on the outside, 9lbs of drag, single speed, graphite... just about the same as a lot of other reels.. 

Someone at Penn listened to a couple of us "reel guys" and actually incorporated our ideas!  Amazing!  The shocking thing about this reel is the addition of a thrust bearing next to the left spool bearing and above the pinion bearing!  Now when you button down the drag, you are not ruining your reel bearings (read: AVET)!!!  So now when I tell you how to mod the drag system for higher drag than stated, it is ok.  This was the absolutely frustrating thing about the SX, technically it could make big drag numbers, but in the process, completely ruin your reel.  So it was stuck at 9lbs of "usable" drag and when you started to go over and reel a fish in, you ended up bringing your reel to me cause the bearings were now shot.  Anyway, enough rant...

The stock specs are:

* Mono: 390/20 • 350/25 • 260/30   
* Braid: 1025/20 • 775/30 • 550/30   
* Drag @ Strike w/ freespool: 9 lbs   
* Gear Ratio: 6.1:1   
* Weight (oz): 18.2
* Lightweight graphite frames and sideplates
* Forged and machined aluminum spool
* Stainless steel main and pinion gear
* 6 stainless steel bearing system

Now to the good part... at 13:50 in the video tutorial, you will see the stock belleville washer installation like this: ()().  I got around 9-10lbs of usable drag with freespool like this, just like the stock specs.. NOW, if you changed the washer configuration to (( )), all of the sudden you can bottom down your drag knob and still have full freespool!! a number that I tested at around 18-19lbs of drag!!! :eyepoppin  So this changes things a bit and all of the sudden this $159 reel just went into a class of its own!  Now I probably wouldn't fish a graphite frame at 18-19lbs, but definitely 12-15.. and that gets you into a much better line class than 9lbs.  So ladies and gentlemen, I recommend you definitely check out this reel if you are in the market for a single speed lever drag.. It doesn't have an A/R bearing if you like that feeling, but it does have a double A/R dog system, so that should suffice.  If the upcoming Torque Lever Drag 2-Speeds are like this, the Makaira might be given a run for its money...

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